The London Borough of Lambeth is seeking to secure a delivery partner/consortium that will be able to realise the Council’s ambitions of supporting the long-term resilience of Brixton town Centre through the sustainable, net zero development of two sites in Brixton Town Centre which will deliver significant benefits for the local community.

The partner will be required to work with the Council through a Joint Delivery Board and set up structures to support robust community engagement and involvement. The development will be required to provide a minimum of 6,500 sqm of workspace (20% of which will be delivered as affordable workspace) around 240 homes (50% if which will be affordable (with a 70% Council rent and 30% London Living Rent/Shared ownership split)), reprovision of enhanced Street Market Infrastructure (trader parking, waste facilities and storage space) and public realm improvements to Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road.

A robust employment and skills package is also required with at least 25% of the future job opportunities created being prioritised for local people alongside commitments to paying the London Living Wage in relation to all jobs related to the development, both during the construction and operational phases.