The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), a component Research Council of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), is a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation, whose goal is to deliver economic, societal, scientific and international benefits to the UK and its people – and more broadly to the world.

STFC are commissioned to design, build, test, and deliver a multi pixel W-band receiver for a third-party customer based in the European Union (EU). The receiver will be permanently installed on a radio telescope facility located in Italy.

This tender is for the procurement of 36 isolators for the multipixel receiver. We anticipate the isolators will use the Faraday rotation principle, and shall be primarily operated at cryogenic temperatures below 30K. Performance specifications of the isolators must cover the frequency range 70GHz to 116GHz, which for the purposes of the present tender we label as extended W-Band, and at the required operational temperatures. It shall also use a non-standard waveguide flange interface for both input and output ports. Isolator performance requirements and waveguide flange details are provided in the following sections. Full specification details can be found within the tender documentation.

Please note, the budget for this requirement is £88,000 ex-VAT, DDP.