The objectives of the Councils Work Related Learning DPS and the education delivered by Providers are:

– To deliver outstanding services for children and young people, requiring access to vocational courses and/or tailored education provisions.
– To ensure that young people are appropriately supported and are accessing the most suitable provisions which will enable progress and achievement.
– To provide a flexible, personalised, alternative provision for 9-19-year-old learners to complement the existing school curriculum.
– To support and apply innovative solutions in organising enrichment activities, which lead to increased engagement.
– To promote good attendance and retention on all course(s).
– To raise the confidence and self-esteem of learners.
– To enable learners to achieve personal goals in order to progress onto a positive pathway post 16.
– Deliver specialised provision as required to support learners with identified barriers to learning.

The WRL Service will advertise the availability and full course details at any given time, to allow schools to access/call-off for their young people. These courses are split into the following Lots;

Lot 1 – Vocational Courses – Price Band 1
Lot 2 – Vocational Courses – Price Band 2
Lot 3 – Social Development
Lot 4 – Transition Programmes
Lot 5 – Core Curriculum
Lot 6 – Specialist Provisions