The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, hosted by Velindre NHS Trust are acting on behalf of Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board and Cardiff Local Authority who are seeking to establish a contract for the Construction of a Virtual Showcase with technical training and support.
Prior to the pandemic the UHB were looking to develop a physical Showcase which included an immersive environment for staff to further understand, and bring to life the UHB’s Shaping our Future Wellbeing Strategy. The showcase was being considered to engage our staff so they have a rich educational experience, allowing them to learn better by doing rather than seeing.
However in April 2020 a decision was made to halt the development of the physical Showcase until a time when the UHB could reflect and regroup from the immediate pressures to its services. Due to continued pressures the NHS are still facing from the pandemic, plus the complications that a physical installation would incur, efforts are being focused on a virtual solution to allow the audience to engage with the showcase activity.
The showcase is being developed to engage as many staff as possible to accelerate the move towards the 2025 vision of ‘Shaping our Future Wellbeing’. It is anticipated that the virtual showcase will be an interactive, experiential virtual walkthrough which will immerse participants in aspects of current and the future of healthcare at the UHB. Participants will be encouraged to give their ideas to help the health board design a system for the future. Wyn and his family will be a feature of showcase, making appearances at various points, keeping the patient very much in the centre of everything we do.
The solution should be accessible via mobile, tablet, PC or VR headset. It is intended that the Showcase will be delivered across all Cardiff and Vale UHB sites, national and international venues and exhibitions, which therefore means it needs to be portable and available for outdoor delivery. The virtual solution will be accessed by the UHB staff, the public and visitors and in order to comply with the UHB’s Welsh Language Standards as outlined by the Welsh Language Commissioner, any text or dialogue included in the showcase solution will need to be available in English or Welsh.
All formats will need to be compatible with Cardiff and Vale UHB systems, utilise QR codes to enable smart device use.
The solution needs to be accessible to a large audience using all electronic routes using the following:
– Social media
– Cardiff and Vale Website
– Smart devices
– Compatible with the IBM solution Electronic Staff Record (ESR) so that staff access can be monitored.
The system should be interactive and include interactive quizzes and tests that would make the users engage with the system rather than passively watch or read from a screen.
NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at