The White Paper on Defence 2015 provides for the replacement of the current Naval Service flagship LÉ Eithne, which is approaching its end of lifespan, with a Multi-Role Vessel, which will be enabled for helicopter operations and will have a freight carrying capacity.
It is the Government’s intent that this new vessel will be tailor made to meet the requirements of the Defence Forces, with a design specification capable of providing a flexible and adaptive capacity for a wide range of maritime tasks, both at home and overseas.
It will be enabled for helicopter operations and it will also require a freight carrying capacity which will allow the Naval Service to transport personnel, freight and mission equipment to areas of operations.
The procurement of the MRV is in strategic alignment with Government Policy. The MRV is included in the Government National Development Plan as a major capital project and is listed in the Defence Equipment Development Plan. The intention is that the procurement will be conducted in accordance with contemporary and emerging best practice in government procurement.