Luton Council require all our memorials in both the Vale Cemetery and the General Cemetery Rothsey Road to be safety tested (topple tested) to the current NAMM guidelines and Health and Safety legislation, using appropriate equipment. Any unsafe memorials must be recorded listing type of memorial, name of deceased, and position in the cemetery. Maps of both cemeteries will be provided. Also particularly with the larger Victorian memorials, solutions to help render them safe. Both cemeteries have approximately 17000 memorials each
We also have responsibility for two closed churchyards, but because of covid restrictions we are unable to contact the churches at the moment. They have approximately 1000 memorials each.
Initially this year all cemeteries will need to be tested, We have stones ranging from normal 39 inches high 30 inches wide, up to full kerb sets ,at the Vale . At the general Cemetery we have these plus many Victorian style monuments several feet high which may require more specialist testing. Also the two smaller church yards have similar sorts of headstones.