Quantity Surveying Services for Additional Accommodation at Ballygarvan N.S. Co Cork. Ballygarvan N.S. is a primary school under the trusteeship of the Catholic Diocese of Cork & Ross.
Please see attached Project Brief & Schedule of Additional Accommodation
In summary, the project will comprise:
Section A:
• 5 SET Rooms: 15 m2 each
Giving a floor area including circulation and internal walls of: 96 m2
Section B
• 2 Classroom SEN Base 343.2 m2
• Giving a floor area (incl circulation and internal walls) of 439 m2
Giving a Gross Floor Area for Section A & B (including circulation, internal walls) of 535 m2
• Secure Hard and soft play area 200 m2
• Sensory Garden 100 m2
• 6 parking spaces

• Consultants are reminded to note especially that, as per the Project Brief, the Design Team will be required to explore all possibilities (including the options mentioned in the Brief) for providing the required accommodation on site while maximising the available play space on site

• Please note: In due course, the Design Team (DT) will be tasked with the provision, on a rental basis, of interim temporary accommodation (100 m2), including all required statutory approvals and compliances, to be used by the school from August 2022 until such time that the permanent structure has been completed. The DT are to ensure that the location of the interim temporary accommodation will not impede the development of the permanent additional accommodation.