Scope of the Network solution

The over-arching solution will encompass the delivery of a variety of technologies which are managed over time by a single successful vendor and includes:
• The ability to optimise the delivery of network infrastructure by contracting for multiple components with a partner who can demonstrate outcomes can be enhanced through this approach.
• Managed services as a principle across all deliveries

• Provision of technology and services which support a converged wired and wireless network concept which hosts all relevant systems, estimated at 20,000 active switch ports and 6000 wireless endpoints today. There is a significant number of use cases which must be segmented and supported on the network. Through the construction of the new hospital the NPHDB will deliver over 50 network connected systems alone which are required to manage and monitor the building once operational.
• Provision of ICT security embedded in the network through appropriate design and configuration delivery to protect the hospital, its patients and its staff from security threats of all types. Note: A separate security tender will be run to deliver SIEM, SOC and other security specific related components.
• Enablement of efficient and effective infrastructure services by leveraging integration of the network with other aspects CHI infrastructure such as security, user identity and storage & computing solutions.
• Support of the development phases of Children’s Health Ireland facilities.