BNSSG CCG are seeking an Expert Development Partner (EDP) to support, enable and accelerate the development of our ICPs from collaborative groups to substantive, accountable care partnerships. It is key these partnerships are able to take on and successfully deliver against core integrated service contracts. Our initial focus is community mental health but in time will evolve into other areas such as frailty and same day urgent care. The fundamental purpose being to progress to integrated approaches across all system partners that enable new integrated personalised proactive models of care to existing and thrive.

The expert partner will bring first hand experience and knowledge of navigating and supporting organisations successfully through this complex process. Expertise will need to be across the following areas as a minimum:

• Integration of mental health and physical health

• Building integrated clinical and professional teams

• Management of trusted assessment and shared clinical risk management

• Developing accountable care systems

• Co- production and community engagement

• Commercial and contracting expertise

• Governance, organisational structure and leadership

We would be interested to understand additional areas of expertise that bidders feel would be of clear value to support and accelerate this process.

It should be noted that each of our ICPs are at a different stage of their development but will require bespoke support to achieve the following aims:

– Embedding and adapting our draft model of care within local services, with the initial priority being the Community Mental Health TOM.

– Establishing strong local leadership, an open and respectful culture and trusting relationships that form an equal partnership across sectors, organisations, professionals and communities.

– Developing shared governance and mutual accountability for decision-making and delivery to ensure we are able to embed the principle of subsidiarity in how we operate our finances, performance and most importantly managing clinical risk.

– Forming a shared and detailed understanding of what matters to our local population in order to respond proactively and flexibly to their needs through the design and delivery of place based services.

– Creating shared integrated resources including workforce, estates, digital, data and other physical assets.

We are therefore looking for an expert development partner to act as advisors and provide intensive hands on support to shadow Integrated Care Partnerships between December 2021 and April 2022. Beyond this we would expect the EDP to be continuing to support at a less intensive level based on local ICP defined requirements or provide additional support to the wider agendas such as frailty and urgent care.