Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service are looking to replace the defibrillators currently in use within the Service.
50 semi-automatic defibrillators and 25 replica training units will be required along with batteries and pads for use and spare stock as required. 10 SD Cards for data storage will also be required.
Required capability and specification is as follows:
• 10 Year Warranty.
• Typical 5 Year Battery (200 shock capability).
• Battery life indicator.
• Capability for use on adult and child.
• Dual use pads for adult and child.
• Protective carry case.
• One-piece sturdy construction.
• Inbuilt metronome for CPR.
• Self-test function.
• Internal data storage for 5 events of up to 3 hours each.
• SD Card data transfer capability.
• Training videos must be available online.
• Minimum IP55 rating.
• Maintain stock of consumable parts in the UK.
• Maintain serviceable life of devices for a minimum of 7 years (spare parts and repairs).

Equipment delivery would be required within 4 weeks from end of tender process.

Please ensure any quotes or questions are sent via the Blue Light E-Tendering System.