Supporting the Masterplan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC 2025) through collaboration on Sustainable Infrastructure is a key HMG priority in the region.

The UK and ASEAN have been collaborating closely on Sustainable Infrastructure; exchanging broad ideas on project planning, preparation and appraisal, funding and procurement, and establishing sustainability in practice.

Building on this momentum, the UK will be creating a modular course for sharing best practice and lesson learnt on Sustainable Infrastructure. The course aims to equip ASEAN policy makers and practitioners with the skills, tools, frameworks and processing necessary to implement sustainability in practice.

This Opportunity is to procure Content Providers who will design and develop Modules for the Sustainable Infrastructure Course. The course will cover the following six themes:
1: Introduction to Sustainability & Infrastructure Planning
2: Frameworks
3: Project Planning
4: Project Preparation
5: Sustainable Project Financing
6: Contracting

Details of this Opportunity and how to apply can be found within the documents attached to this notice. You can also contact the Asia Pacific Procurement Hub by emailing inserting CPG7428-Modules in the subject title.