Contract general scope of works:
• Require 3 units of complete conveyor system to remove spoil from Cross Passage excavation face to the skips used to store then remove it from the tunnel.
• Option for 1 unit to be purchased later if required.
• Items above includes design, interface drawing, manufacturing, factory acceptance tests, packing and packaging, transport from factory to DAP buyer jobsite (Incoterms 2010), commissioning and training of the jobsite personnel.

The package will be competitively tendered and assessed against a split between commercial (price) and non-commercial/technical criteria – The intention of the Contractor that these works will be tendered as 1 enquiry, however we reserve the right to split the works and award the package to more than 1 sub-contractor.
In July 2017, ALIGN (Bouygues Travaux Publics, Sir Robert McAlpine and Volker Fitzpatrick) won the significant C1 package of the UK High Speed 2 line (HS2). Lot C1 consists of 21.6km of high speed rail infrastructure in a rural environment. This will include a 3.37km viaduct, 15.75km twin-tubes tunnel and five vent shafts handling both piston effect and tunnel ventilation.