As part of Liverpool City Council’s Coronavirus recovery plan, we are looking to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are digitally connected. This is to ensure that nobody is disadvantaged by lack of access to digital facilities in a digital world. Our aim is to provide free fixed broadband to the homes of children who are living in poverty in Liverpool.
From initial research using the benefits data available to the Council we estimate there are approximately 10,000 families who will be eligible to participate in this scheme. This will support the children in these households to access online learning opportunities from a stable platform and will support their wider family in being able to engage in the digital world. However, despite this estimate, please note that the Council makes no commitment as to the actual volume or take up of the services, this will be a risk for the provider to assess and assume.
Our aim is to have one Supplier which will allow us to offer a fixed broadband connection to any residential premises of eligible households. We are looking for a Supplier who can provide a fixed broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 50Mb for an initial fixed term period of 12 months from connection.

The purpose of this market engagement exercise is to gauge interest from the market in this opportunity and obtain feedback on the initial draft specification to ensure that the requirements can be met.

Your company will need to register on Procontract (Due North) to be able to receive the opportunity. The documents will only be available on Procontract (available via the Due North site). Once you have registered you will need to go to the “my opportunities” section on the home page of Procontract and follow the instructions as a supplier to enable you to return your submission.

To register your organisation on Procontract click on the following link, go to suppliers’ area and click on “register free”.

PLEASE PROVIDE A RESPONSE BY 5pm Monday 27th September 2021