4. Description: Research and development services and related consultancy services. The introduction of new trains and hazards associated with multi-mode operation has resulted in the use of signage for the purpose of prompting the driver to ensure that the train is in the correct mode for the route ahead. The absence of agreed application rules and signage specification for multi-mode operations has resulted in more than one approach being deployed on the GB rail network, involving the adaptation of existing signs and the development of new signs.
The objective of this project is to provide application rules and specifications for signs that can be applied consistently by future projects for all situations in which a change of traction mode is required.The objective of this work is to design and consult with staff on the most appropriate signage for dynamic PCO, harmonised with existing PCO signs.
This work will culminate in a new RIS providing a set of requirements which can be applied consistently to support all situations in which trains are required to change between traction modes.