This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is for Consultancy Services for Corporate Financial Governance and Policy Review.

The BTPA’s keystone document is its Code of Governance which defines the split of roles, powers, rights and responsibilities between the BTPA, its Executive Team and the Chief Constable and senior leaders of BTP.

Following a large-scale review of governance arrangements in 2015/16, the Code of Governance was significantly updated in 2017, with only minor updates since. The Service Level Agreement and financial annexes were, however, largely unchanged during the 2017 review and are now in need of modernisation, such that they are an enabler in how the BTPA and BTP work effectively together. The objective being to ensure sufficient clarity of roles whilst demonstrating transparency and trust and providing empowerment.
The Authority is looking for consultancy advice and support to provide clarity on and modernise these documents and, in turn, the ways of working between BTPA and BTP.
For the purposes of this RFQ exercise the work has been split into two lots.

The RFQ contains further information about the process, services, and submission requirements which can be requested by contacting