The scope of the works for the heating upgrade to Knockadea National School includes the following:-
a) De-commissioning, Isolation, drain down, removal and disposal of the redundant boiler and heating distribution system, oil storage tank and associated services to a licenced waste / recycling facility.
b) Convert the heating system fuel supply to LPG as the fuel source, construction of a new gas tank storage compound and connection of the new gas service to the boiler room.
c) Supply and installation of a new gas fired boiler, flue system and gas safety systems
d) Replacement of the boiler room pipe work, valves, actuators, pumps and controls etc with new services to suit the new boiler room layout
e) New packaged pressurisation unit and expansion vessel and associated controls
f) New boiler room control panel and controls
g) New heating distribution pipework and radiator systems to replace all of the original 1970’s radiators with new and to retain and re-pipe the 2019 extension radiators to connect to the new distribution system
h) Controls upgrade to provide new two port motorised valves and room thermostats to individual classrooms, circulation areas and offices to provide independent local control.
i) Electrical works associated with the upgrade of the heating system and controls.
j) Testing & commissioning of the upgraded heating and gas services.
k) All builders work and redecoration associated with mechanical upgrade including protection of existing school finishes from damage during the upgrade works.
l) Full contract clean and sanitising of the entire school building prior to handover.
m) Maintenance during the 12 months defects period..

The Mechanical Contractor shall supply all labour, materials, equipment and engineering services, and perform all works necessary to install the complete, tested, commissioned, and operational mechanical systems in accordance with the Specification and Drawings.