The Authority is looking to commission a supplier to provide support and guidance to Chairs
and Non-Exec Directors of provider trusts and 42 ICSs in their leadership roles to lead
stronger NHS action on health inequalities as defined in the NHS Long Term Plan. This
builds on our priority action five within the operational planning guidance.

The Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Programme is a newly established NHS
England and Improvement (NHSEI) team set up to lead work with individuals, teams,
programmes and partners within and external to NHSEI to deliver on the NHS Long Term
Plan commitments relating to healthcare inequalities and achieve the NHS Constitutional
promise of delivering services ‘to all’.
The programme is leading action to ensure that the NHS better prevents and responds to
the health inequalities which many communities experience. This is particularly important
as the NHS continues to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has
exacerbated and highlighted these long-standing inequalities. Our programme vision is to
ensure exceptional quality healthcare for all through equitable access, excellent
experience, and optimal outcomes.
During 2021, NHS England and Improvement has continued to track progress and issues
relating to delivery of the eight urgent actions outlined in the August 2020 Phase 3 letter,
and support the delivery of the Five Key Actions for tackling healthcare inequalities for
systems and NHS providers as outlined in the 2021/22 NHS Operational planning
. The key actions are:
• Priority 1: Restore NHS services inclusively
• Priority 2: Mitigate against digital exclusion
• Priority 3: Ensure that datasets are complete and timely
• Priority 4: Accelerate preventative programmes
• Priority 5: Strengthen leadership and accountability

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