None of the provisions of this Early Engagement Notice (EEN) shall be deemed or construed to constitute or imply any commitment or obligation on either party to purchase these services or award a contract.

Department for International Trade (DIT), on behalf of UK Export Finance (UKEF) as Contracting Authority, intends to seek the provision of services of an external board effectiveness review in accordance with corporate governance in central government departments Code of Good Practice.
We expect the effectiveness review will focus on (but may not be limited to) the following areas:

– board composition and skills.
– clarity of roles (with respect to both board and relationship with UKEF executive), purpose and shared vision.
– the allocation of roles and responsibilities.
– board culture and dynamics, including challenge.
– prioritisation of board topics and agenda items.
– adequacy of support to the board; and
– stakeholder engagement with the Board including DIT/UKGI/UKEF relationships.

Requirements of the procurement will include the following:

– A review of a sample of board and committee papers to assess quality and whether appropriate weighting and priority is allotted.
– A review of outcomes from previous Board Effectiveness Reviews (including those conducted internally).
– Attendance of at least one board meeting, one board audit committee meeting and on-board risk committee meeting as an observer.
– Interviews with all board members (including non-executive directors), and an individual from each of UK Government Investments (UKGI), HM Treasury (HMT) and the Department for International Trade (DIT), (as well as other stakeholders as deemed relevant by the reviewer and the Chair), informed by an initial questionnaire which is to be agreed with the Chair and UKGI.
– A written report on findings and recommendations no later than 6 weeks from the board meeting and committee meetings the successful Contractor attends.
– An initial draft of the report must be completed no later than 4 weeks from the board meeting and committee meetings the successfully Contractor attends. Regular oral updates will be required to keep the Chair advised as to progress in meeting this and other timescales.
– The successful Contractor will be required to present the draft report findings at a subsequent board meeting following which the report will be finalised. UKEF will share the report with UKGI and will retain the right to share the report with other key stakeholders.

To support the board in developing and implementing clear actions to address identified improvement areas they prioritise.

Key specialisms are likely to include interviewing and assessing very senior staff. Either from doing similar reports/evaluations in the past or through experience on similar level of Boards.