Health Education England (HEE – the Commissioner) are putting out this notice as a PIN (Prior Information Notice) with a view to completing a Direct Award.

Please note the contracting authority intends to direct award the contract to Click Developments. The case for direct award can be found on the tender portal.

Heath Education England [HEE] believe that Click Developments is the only supplier who can support the above programme requirements for one year in 2020/21, with their knowledge and experience (since 2013) in order to maintain continuity for the maintenance and strategic management of the Care Certificate and to undertake the Care Certificate Review.

Due to the length of the contract (one year), seamless continuity is paramount. If the existing supplier cannot continue to provide the current service to HEE, it is believed that the impact on the service will be detrimental for a number of reasons:
o Transition to a new supplier would mean the need for comprehensive induction to the work and organisational memory for the work would be lost, this will mean that timely delivery would not be achieved
o Loss of links and relationships with the main care certificate network preventing effective communication and engagement to deliver the care certificate review and maintenance agenda
o Failure to effectively analyse and act on data collected for the care certificate review thus failing to meet deadlines

The financial envelope for the contract is £50,000.

For the Specification, Contract and the Case for Direct Award please access the portal at:

Please access the portal for all documents.

All communications should be made via the messaging function on the ProContract E-Tendering portal.

If any provider has concerns with the commissioning intentions outlined within the published documentation, please raise this via the eTendering Portal in the first instance within 30 days of the date of this Prior Information Notice.

The closing date of this PIN is midnight on the 1st June 2021.