Mid Yorkshire Hospitals (The Authority) is seeking quotations for the Provision of Body Worn Camera’s, Management Software License, Chest Harness, Charging Dock, Cloud Service & Upload Control Module.

We need our chosen supplier to deliver the Goods on or before the end of July 2021

If you are interested in quoting for this requirement, please reply with the following information:
Details of goods to be supplied including make and model number and lead times for delivery.
Completed pricing schedule
Completed Data Protection Policy
Completed DTAC form

The Authority is seeking quotations from a number of suppliers. The following criteria will apply to the selection of the successful supplier:-

the supplier’s offer that (a) meets all the requirements set out above (b) provides all information required as set out above (c) is the lowest price.

Your response must be valid for acceptance for 90 days from the deadline for receipt of quotations. Your response constitutes an offer and if the Authority accepts that offer then a legally binding contract will exist between us.

The Authority does not make any commitment to purchase and shall have no liability for your costs in responding to this Request for a Quotation.

The NHS Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods (Purchase Order version) (available on the Department of Health’s website) will apply to any purchase.