NOE CPC are seeking engagement with providers of Pharmaceutical Services to the NHS with a view to helping inform the outputs of a future procurement of a framework agreement for these and other aligned services.
Our intention at present is to award a multi-lotted framework agreement, for the services detailed below:
• Outsourced Pharmacy Services
• Mental Health and Community Pharmacy Services
• Inpatient Dispensing (including ward supply and ward stock)
• Discharge Prescriptions
• Home Delivery for Outpatients
• Medication Compliance Aids
• Electronic Dispensing Services

We are in the very early stages of consideration of this agreement, and would welcome feedback from the providers of these services as to the merits of this approach, including any perceived barriers to engagement with such a process, whether the services included are sufficiently extensive/comprehensive or whether there are any other elements we should be looking to include.

All information received at this stage will of course be handled confidentially, with a view to informing our next steps and the ultimate outputs from this agreement. Further engagement may take place following the responses to this PIN, prior to the commencement of a competitive process.

Feedback at this stage is being requested by means of a message to our procurement portal, In-Tend.