The purpose of this Prior Information Notice (PIN) is to alert the market to a proposed process evaluation of the national rollout (NRO) of the Early Career Framework (ECF). The evaluation will inform continuous improvement and growth of NRO. It is anticipated that a mixed-method approach will be adopted to deliver a process evaluation, case studies and near real-time insights and feedback loops.

Aim: To develop and increase understanding of how the different processes and actors involved in the reforms of early-career statutory induction support the DfE’s drive to improve quality and increase retention of early career teachers, by informing continuous improvement during the first years of the national rollout.

To deliver on this, the research objectives are to:
I. Provide a good understanding of the characteristics and motivations of those schools engaging / not engaging with the different levels of support package(s) on offer from the Department.
II. Gather evidence on the rationale for choices schools make in selecting a lead provider, delivery partner and induction programme.
III. Provide an understanding of the delivery chain, the challenges and how these are overcome, and any approaches to testing and continuous improvement.
IV. Explore early signs that the programme has resulted in desired outputs in terms of recruitment, programme retention and delivery of the training programmes.
V. Provide a good understanding of the experiences and satisfaction of the schools, mentors, ECTs and other actors (including appropriate bodies) that engage with the content and delivery of the ECF support packages (full induction package (FIP) and others), and what works well, less well, and why.
VI. Identify signs of early promise based on self-reported outcomes for ECTs, mentors and schools, paying particular attention to a sub-sample of schools which have been involved in the early roll-out and will for the first time have two years of early career teachers experiencing induction supported by mentors at the same time.
VII. Provide ready-access to insights about the components of the national-rollout of the ECF support packages that work well / less well, for which actors and in what context, and any barriers and facilitators, in a way that facilitates continuous improvement of policy and practice.
VIII. Gather evidence on the efficacy of the payment process and digital support in relation to recruitment to the full induction programme (FIP) included as part of the package.

The specification is likely to consist of some prescribed methods and reporting requirements; and, to complete the package of research, an invitation to bidders to suggest supplementary and / or complementary data collection approaches and reporting.
Indicative details of the evaluation package are included in the Additional Information section.

Important: Details on how to register on to the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) are given in the ‘addition text’ section of this listing.