NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group are looking to commission a Level 3 Minor Surgery Services (Lot 1) and Vasectomy Services (Lot 2) across the Ipswich and East and West Suffolk localities.
Lot 1 is split into two geographical areas; one contract will be awarded within Ipswich and East Suffolk and one within West Suffolk. The aim of the Level 3 Minor Surgery Service is to deliver high quality, clinically effective, safe, cost effective intermediate minor surgery in the community. The service will be delivered as a one stop shop approach with assessment and surgery occurring on the same day for most patients. This lot will be awarded to a provider in each locality.
Lot 2 is a community Vasectomy Service undertaking vasectomies under local anaesthetic. These services will be accessible to all males who are the responsibility of the CCG. All men requesting a vasectomy should first be fully assessed and counselled. The counselling and assessment should be in line with Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Clinical Guidance. This lot will be awarded to any provider who qualifies in line with the procurement documentation and the contract will cover both localities.
Providers are able to tender for either lot in isolation or both lots, by completing the documentation as outlined within the procurement documentation.
The services will be subject to a contract for 3 years with the potential to extend the contract for up to 2 years and each will be a cost and volume contract; more details are available within the procurement documents.
The contract value provided is an indicative figure for all anticipated activity under both of the services and localities outlined above. It should be noted that all contracts will be activity based and the vasectomy contracts will be zero value contracts.
Contract review provision:
Please note that the services and associated specification and prices commissioned within this contract may be subject to review and change, any changes will be through a variation to the contract in accordance with Regulation 72 (1) (a) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.
Additionally, the contract may also be amended in terms of the original services supplied, where, following assessment it is identified that it is logical for additional services to be delivered in conjunction with this contract and by the provider, both in terms of actual service delivery and to avoid duplication of costs.
These services may include but are not limited to other services and specialties formally delivered in the community and secondary care settings where it is foreseen that these services can be delivered more effectively as part of this contract.