The Broads Authority, through the CANAPE project, is seeking a suitably qualified contractor to create a new wetland site on the Upper Thurne River just north of Horsey Mere.

The existing site is a grass and rush pasture grazed by cattle. The site already has an earth bund around the northern and eastern and southern edges. These will be topped via an excavator and possibly a soil stripper and five surface scraped compartments ready for planting and seeding wetland vegetation.

The main parts of the tender include:

1. Gaining licences and complying with water vole and protected species mitigation.
2. Installing a water control structure through a flood bank to take water from the Waxham cut to the bunded field for filtration and growing wetland plants.
3. Excavating low-level earth bunds following herbicide application and tillage, connecting to existing low bunds, to create five wetland compartments of a total of 1.3ha wetland.