Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is the devolved administration for the 10 Local Authorities, Health Care Partnerships and GM Fire and Rescue. GMCA is currently completing the rollout of 2,700km across Greater Manchester, to enable the delivery of a Public Sector Regional Network, known as GM One Network. The purpose of the GM One Network Platform is to deliver a shared network capability that underpins and enables the delivery of the GM Digital Vision for Greater Manchester, as outlined in the Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint. As a next step, GMCA wish to contract for the technology products and services to design, build, integrate and support the GM One Network Platform. Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the regional Greater Manchester Local Authorities (“Contracting Authority(s)”) wish to now procure Agreements for Services and Works as described in the ITPD and the Specification (the “Services”) in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/102).
The Services are being procured for and on behalf of the Contracting Authority, for any public-sector entity which exist or are established or otherwise exercise some or all their functions within Greater Manchester. The GMCA intends to award one or more agreements, against which simultaneous “Confirmed Contracts” will be awarded by the Contracting Authority(s). The agreement will be made available to the organisations listed in the additional information section of this contract notice, including any wholly or partially owned legal entity of these authorities.
The contract is divided into Lots. The LOTs shall include:

• LOT 1: Service and Systems Integration
• LOT 2: Connectivity Service
• LOT 3: Software Defined Network
• LOT 4: Secure Remote Access
• LOT 5: Direct Cloud Access

For avoidance of doubt a single LOT will not be awarded to more than one agreement. The Contracting Authority(s) and GMCA have chosen to utilise Regulation 29 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/102) (“the 2015 Regulations”) namely Competitive Procedure with Negotiation and have appointed GMCA as its agent (“Contract Manager”) to oversee and manage the appointment of the preferred supplier(s) to deliver the Contract(s). This Pre-Qualification Selection Questionnaire (PQQ) is available to organisations who may be interested in providing the Services and Works (who are referred to from this point forward as the “Tenderers”). This Stage 1 PQQ (Schedule 1) is the minimum qualification criteria that must be achieved in order that Tenderers submissions are considered further in terms of Stage 2 – the Technical and Commercial evaluation and being invited to submit an Initial Tender.

Up to ten of the highest scoring Tenderers will be taken forward following qualification selection and will be invited to submit an Initial Tender and Outline Solution response. This will be Stage 2 of the tender process.