CPI are issuing a PIN in advance of the ITT to appoint a supplier for the following requirements: Framework for the Ongoing Supply of Liquid Nitrogen and Associated Equipment.

CPI are looking to establish a Single Supplier Framework for the Ongoing Supply of Liquid Nitrogen and Associated Equipment

CPI are seeking expressions of interest from Suppliers of Liquid Nitrogen and its associated equipment.

CPI require the ongoing supply of Liquid Nitrogen to its current 3 Sites located in Darlington & Sedgefield.

CPI currently has an incumbent supplier (Air Products) for both Tanks and ongoing supply of Liquid Nitrogen. The agreement was established in 2011 with Air Products, The Neville Hamlin Building has the highest demand for bulk Liquid Nitrogen approximately 260’797 LTS per year, their current deliveries are twice a week Monday/Tuesdays or Thursday/Fridays the average delivery over a 12-month period is 9 deliveries per month. Due to the higher demand which is exceeding the capacity of the CSLSMALLBULKLING-CS-VT6-47456 extra deliveries are usually required. The Coxon Building currently has deliveries 2 to 3 times per month usage approximately 13,890 LTS per year and 1 Union Square Darlington delivery is 1 per month usage approximately 19,200 LTS per year.

CPI are looking for a Turnkey Solution to enhance capacity for future expansion of its business for the following options
-Tank Size Upgrades
-Autofill of Dewar’s
-Supply & Installation of Generator(s)