These services were originally Lots 1 & 3 of the procurement for the Expert Support & Alternative Treatment Solutions Framework (TED Reference: 2020/S 133-328094, CTM Reference: rft12133), and were removed from that procurement in order to maintain its integrity when required amendments were identified to these Lots. These Lots will be let with end dates to bring them in line with Lots 2 & 4 (see section 1.4), with the option for LLWR to extend the end date for a further nine months. A summary of the changes made to the Lots is: • Lot 1 requires additional support to verification and validation of on-going work, work packs and records, compliance audit and assurance support; • Lot 3 requires waste assurance, compliance and auditing support. Further detail is provided in the individual scopes of work, and any additional requirements relating to pricing are reflected in Appendix 10 to this ITT.