The Company providing the security service will provide the service 3 locations in Blackpool:

Supported accommodation for 14 young people, there are 10 self-contained flats and 4 bedsit flats with a communal kitchen. The role of the security service is to maintain the security of the building, manage the front door, not allowing visitors within the agreed time periods, carrying out building safety checks, monitor the CCTV, respond to any emergency situations and recording building information within the appropriate record books. The security officer will also be required to liaise with the young people, defuse any challenging situations and deal with the young people in a friendly and effective manner, again recording information within the required record books/incident reports.

The Emergency Housing provision provides emergency accommodation for homeless families, couples and singles. The security officer will carry out building safety checks, carry out any out of hours booking in of new residents, review CCTV, responding to any breach of rules as required within agreed procedures, deal with emergency situations and record all information within the required record books. Security will also be required to carry out emergency admissions as set within the agreed admission procedures.