A) a detailed, viable and costed proposal to deliver London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations to the following specification within the existing parameters, chiefly:• a broadcast only event, with no on-site audienceB) a viable amended/alternative proposal to deliver the activity to the core of the specification, but with the following altered parameters:• a broadcast event with a live on-site audience of significant sizeA description of the approach to generating income to offset and/or enhance the available core budget, in each of the proposals. This should include analysis of the implications and impacts of any commercial elements, such as ticketing or requirements for sponsors areas.The show will be a multi-location visual special effects and light display, designed principally for a live broadcast, with suitable consideration to the potential for onsite audiences at one or more locations.We propose to run an SSQ and ITT process which will include all of the requirements for the project.An engagement day will take place on Wednesday the 28th of July 2021 at 10am for those interested, which will include a short presentation and time for questions. Please email your interest to MariaBramao1@tfl.gov.ukFor anyone unable to attend the event day, please email MariaBramao1@tfl.gov.uk for a copy of the presentation or to express your interest.