This procurement encompasses the items noted below. In essence, this procurement is all about identifying a single supplier to provide a package of services relating to communication and online safety and security. At the sole discretion of the Trust any future schools that the Trust may incorporate into the Trust will also be added to the ICT contract. Any additional schools will co-terminate to the end same end date of the initial contract.
Further details regarding timescales are noted below but in summary this is advertised as a maximum 5 year service with start and end dates as follows:
• Service start date – As soon as possible, but at the latest 1st April 2022
• Service end date – 31st March 2027
These dates are related to the fact that the Trust/Academies will move to what is expected to be a new cloud based MIS from the 1st April 2022 and within these timescales it will also address a real need to update telephony and give a consistent and appropriate approach to security.
The new communications service will also support a range of other technology projects to go ahead during the summer break of 2022, which will be carried out across the Trust by the new Managed Service Provider.

The companies identified from these shortlisting questions to receive the ITT will then receive a detailed set of requirements. For the purposes of this shortlisting stage bidders should assume that the ITT will include, but not be limited to;
• A managed WAN service to connect schools anywhere in England
• A broadband service for each school based on synchronous connectivity
• A ‘failover’ line
• A firewalled service
• Filtering of Trust owned devices away from schools eg staff / pupil laptops
• An Education compliant internet filtering service
• Reporting of online activity service to support Safeguarding
• A Managed VoIP telephony service for each school to an agreed number of handsets each
• Support and maintenance service
• Full end to end single SLA approach
• Management of any 3rd parties required to provide the service
• Relevant monitoring, management and reporting
• Full installation and transition service
• Value added services
• Technical interface into the Trusts outsourced and internal support provision until the 31st March then the Trust new single outsourced supplier from 1st April 2022

Bidders should note the following;
• The Trust will provide a standard contract as part of the ITT Pack
• There will be no requirement for TUPE
Further details about the solution requirements will be provided to those bidders who are shortlisted to receive the ITT pack.