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Public tenders – New opportunities

With Simplify Tenders, our members from all industries gain exclusive access the newest tender information in Europe.

Daily alerts & leads

Get automatically notified when new tenders are published, so you can respond quicker.

Easy to use interface

View, categorize and search tenders by Value, Sub-Industry, Date and Country.

Favorites & reminding

Mark tenders as a favorite, and set alerts to remind you when due date is close!

Analytics, reports & awards

Real-time europe-wide analytics on open tenders and previous awarded contracts – from all industries.

Search all tenders

At Simplify Tenders you will quickly find information about potential business opportunities in your industry.

No installation needed

24/7 access from all channels and devices, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS and other systems.

Live in-depth insights

Data from 32 sources and 180 markets – including countries, industries and sub-industries.

Powerful tender-search

We simplify the way you can search for thousands of projects with keywords in industry, category, country and date.

Secure access on any device

Your information is completely secure in the cloud, allowing you to work from your PC, tablet or smartphone, and is only visible to you.

Active Tenders

No need waste resources searching for tenders, we bring them to you.

€10 Billion +

Get the right information at the right time, so you can focus on winning.

€400 Billion +

See daily tender information & analytics from all over Europe.

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