The England only CSTF framework is the only framework to be reviewed. The review will not include any other learning frameworks.

The objectives of this review are:

1) To test the current scope and effectiveness of the CSTF with stakeholders and assess associated knowledge transfer.
2) To understand the barriers to alignment/adoption of the framework and how to best achieve the consistent use of the CSTF by all NHS organisation within England going forward.
3) To ensure the current core subjects, levels and refresher periods are applicable and/or appropriate to the needs of all NHS organisation in relation to their statutory and mandatory skills and knowledge obligations.
4) To provide insights that will both provide standards for and allow better standardisation of the learning outcomes and delivery of training for the core subjects:
5) To consider and make recommendation on quality assurance, management and oversight (governance) of the framework going forward.

The CSTF Review project team will take a strong partnership approach with the appointed provider and be available to clarify and support them during the review.