This is a Re-Tender following a recent unsuccessful tender exercise, with an increased budget of £1.2 million, which is subject to approval by full Council.

Six of the existing pontoons that form the wave screen for the marina need to be rubberised as the joints have become worn. This will require them to be removed from site for shot blasting and metal works. While they are off site a temporary wave screen will need to be put in place to protect the marina.

The access bridge to the marina also needs to be refurbished, this will also need to be taken off site for blasting and minor metal works. Temporary access will need to be put in place while the bridge is being refurbished.

The back walkway pontoon and three legs of the marina, along with all the mooring fingers need to be removed and replaced with new products. The existing utility supplies (water & power) will be swapped onto the new infrastructure. In order to keep the marina operational we anticipate the works to be phased over a maximum of three years.