Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew
Pond Toilets Refurbishment
Principal Contractor
Pond Toilets Refurbishment

You (“Contractor”) are hereby invited by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (“Kew”) to submit a tender to meet the Kew requirements in accordance with the specification and associated documents as contained within the Invitation To Tender (ITT) and associated Tender pack.

The ITT is designed to ensure that all contractors are provided with sufficient information to understand and respond to the requirements of Kew, ensure that a consistent level of information is obtained from each prospective contractor and provide a structured framework for the subsequent evaluation of each contractor’s tender. It is important therefore that you provide all the information asked for in the format and order specified.

Contractors should read these instructions carefully before completing the tender documentation. Failure to comply with these requirements for completion and submission of the tender response may result in the rejection of the tender. Contractors are advised to acquaint themselves fully with the extent and nature of the requirements and their associated contractual obligations.

These instructions constitute the full conditions of tender and participation in the tender process automatically signals that the contractor accepts the conditions.

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