The Durham Commission is a joint research collaboration between Durham University and Arts Council England, convened in 2018 to look at the role creativity and creative thinking should play in the education of young people. The Commission is intended to influence policy and practice in schools in England with regard to teaching for creativity.

The Creativity Exchange is a web platform, launched in February 2021 which underpins the work of the Durham Commission providing a forum for discussion on approaches to teaching for creativity.

The wining bidder will provide the following services:

(a)Collection of content appropriate to the Creativity Exchange
(b)Curation of content ensuring a balance of perspectives are represented
(c)Working with a team to moderate content for the Creativity Exchange
(d)Programming and undertaking a schedule of interviews with thought leaders, policy leaders and practitioners re creativity and teaching for creativity
(e)Develop partnerships, including with international partners, to facilitate active links between this work and global practice
(f)Working with the Arts Council and Durham University teams, contribute to the overall implementation of the Durham Commission recommendations
(g)Working with Arts Council teams to maximise alignment of the Creativity Exchange with Arts Council work with children and young people and schools

The maximum budget for the contract is £15,000 excluding VAT which includes the optional extension period.