NMI wishes to establish a panel of suppliers from which individuals/companies will be selected to participate in a mini-competition for contract award for the provision of print services. There will be a requirement for the printing of branded materials generally on an annual basis.
Successful panel members will be required to supply a first class professional print service from print-ready artwork supplied by the Museum and external design suppliers.
Members will be invited to submit quotations for the completion of various print work as the need arises and in line with the conditions for awarding contracts outlined in the Panel Document. Panel members will be expected to respond within 48 hours to NMI requests for quote.
Printers and print companies not included on the panel will not be approached to complete any print work unless the appointed panel is not in a position to complete certain projects. The appointed service providers will be required to provide Print Services which are required to support the various projects run by the NMI.
The successful print providers are expected to produce quality print work in response to a particular design and liaise with the Design and Marketing departments in the NMI or any appointed external design supplier, in respect of print management, paper quality, print quality, colour proofing, binding and finishing etc.
All members of the Print Panel will deliver on the following:
• All print projects delivered on time to the correct NMI location and within budget.
• All queries and requests for quotes responded to within an agreed timeframe with the NMI or a designated design supplier.
• Project status reports produced for NMI as required.
• Liaise with designated NMI design and marketing staff or other museum staff as appropriate and as maybe specified in the request for quote and designated design suppliers.
Additional information is included in the attached panel document.