Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is looking to receive quotations from bidders for the Supportive Interventions for Children Affected by Domestic Abuse. The Service sought through this tender process is intended to extend the provision of 1-to-1 and group-work support available to children whose needs arising from DA (and other factors in combination where this is evident) require targeted or specialist support as identified within the context of the local Threshold of Need Guidance document.

PLEASE NOTE – IMPORTANT: The core funding envelope for this Contract is £0.059m per annum. Supplementary to this there is the possibility of two additional pots of funding, which currently stand at £0.015m each per annum. As this additional funding is dependent upon other grant regimes, confirmation of the availability of this funding will be given at least 28 days before the end of each full year’s delivery. If the additional funding is not available, then the Council reserves the right to operate the Contract based on the core allocation only.

For a full specification for this opportunity, please register you interest.

Bidders are advised that the deadline set out is absolute. You are advised to upload your submission well in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical issues that might arise causing you to fail to meet the deadline which would lead to the rejection of your submission. The Council is conscious that Bidders spend a huge amount of time, effort and expense in putting together a submission and is keen to ensure that no bid is rejected for this reason.

In submitting your quotation you agree to contract on the terms and conditions that have been issued as part of this opportunity. Due to the Council’s obligations of fairness and equal treatment to all bidders it cannot accept amendments to these terms and conditions or alternative terms and conditions. If you seek to amend the terms and conditions or submit alternative terms and conditions the Council may reject your quotation.