This PIN is being issued for market engagement purposes only.

HMPPS will be holding a virtual market engagement event on the 20th September 2-3pm for the Pregnancy, Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) Contracts at HMP New Hall, Askham Grange and Styal. Please email to book your slot on the Microsoft Teams event.

In line with legislation, HMPPS, in certain circumstances, allows mothers to care for their babies in MBU’s in prison. An MBU is designated living accommodation within a women’s prison, which enables mothers, where appropriate, to have their children with them up to the age of 18 months. In some cases children may stay up to 2 years of age.

The services may include, but not be limited to:

1. Mother and Baby Unit
Objective: provide an environment which promotes care of babies and young children by their mothers
Minimum requirement: nursery environment and facilities, nursery staff, data security, MBU processes, childcare plans, maternal separation care planning, resettlement planning, service monitoring and assurance.

2. Service for Pregnant Women
Objective: Provide a service which supports and promotes the emotional and physical well-being of pregnant women (pre and post-natal).

3. Pre-School Parenting Interventions
Objective: Improve the protective factor of family for women in custody and the parenting skills of these women.

4. Outcome Measurements
Objective: Achieve and measure agreed outcomes.