Iarnród Éireann wish to purchase 4 portable hand held blood analysers and associated blood test panels as outlined in the specification.

RFT 198439 – 7813 – Supply of Portable Hand Held Blood Analysers & Associated Test Panels
To whom it may concern,
Applicants should note the following, there are 2 sets of documents available for download & attached to this advertisement for the above mentioned tender process.
Applicants should return their completed documents in the following format
The procurement process for the award of this Contract consists of 2 distinct stages: a pre-qualification stage and a tender stage (or award stage).  The pre-qualification process, conditions and selection criteria detailed in this document. All Applicants will be treated equally and have an opportunity to pre-qualify. This process will be run as a restricted procedure, this means applicants will have access to both the pre-qualification questionnaire ‘PQQ’ and the invitation to tender ‘ITT’ documents. Applicants should read both sets of documents carefully. Applicants should upload their completed PQQ response and in a SEPARATE attachment the completed ITT response. It should be noted that all PQQ’s will be evaluated and only applicants who meet or exceed the selection criteria set out in the PQQ will be selected to progress to the ITT stage of the process.