Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is looking to commission a study that will outline the current and future need for different types of general needs housing, specialist housing and health and social care support for older people in the borough. Older people are defined as those of general retirement age and over, largely consisting of two cohorts of those aged 65 and over those aged 85 and over. The assessment will provide a statistically relevant and robust evidence base reviewing current housing and social care provision and indicate the future requirements of older people.

An important element of the assessment will be to seek the views of older people to gain a better understanding of the housing aspirations of older people and to use this information to better quantify future need. The study will review what we already know about older people’s housing preferences and will map existing specialist housing across the borough.

Quotations are invited for the supply of an older people housing needs assessment for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (the Council), including qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Bidders should note that all clarification questions must be made in writing (including email). The Council at their discretion reserves the right to circulate any response to all suppliers. All clarification questions must be clearly marked CLARIFICATION with the question and Supplier details clearly set out. Any clarification questions from the Supplier to the Council should be sent to

To receive clarifications, Bidders should register their interest to the email address above: confirming the individual and the email address the clarifications are to be forwarded to.

To allow information to be circulated in time, the deadline for receiving clarification questions is 14:00 on Monday 13th September 2021.
The quotation return date is 14:00hrs on Monday 20th September 2021.
Quotations should be submitted by email to (you are recommended to request confirmation of receipt).