ORE Catapult (https://ore.catapult.org.uk) is the UK’s leading technology innovation and research centre for offshore renewable energy. ORE Catapult’s vision is to be the world’s leading offshore renewable energy technology centre by 2030. ORE Catapult will play a key role in delivering the UK’s largest clean growth opportunity, through our mission to accelerate the creation and growth of UK companies in the offshore renewable energy sector. We will use our unique facilities and research and engineering capabilities to bring together industry and academia and drive innovation in renewable energy.
ORE Catapult is now enhancing their capabilities further by developing a Robotics and
Autonomous Systems (R&AS) facility to support the standardisation and compatibility of robot
platforms across the offshore wind industry. ORE Catapult’s new facilities will offer a range of test
environments, including, but not limited to offshore testing, onsite testing, and demonstration zones.
The site will offer an end-to-end process from prototype trials to post qualification field trials on
operational assets.
The construction of the building and development of the surrounding facilities is being funded
by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) as part of the government’s “Getting Building
Fund”. The Getting Building Fund forms part of the government’s New Deal for Britain and sets out
government’s strategy to rebuild Britain and fuel economic recovery across the UK. As a result, the
funding for the £1 million construction is time limited.
The new facility has been designed to minimise our carbon footprint, utilising sustainable
features in keeping with our renewable energy ethos.
The construction design is being progressed to RIBA Stage 3 with Planning Permission being
sought in parallel to the tender process. All relevant and appropriate surveys are also being conducted
during this time.
Due to the time limitations for the funding, it is critical that spend and construction is
completed by March 2022 at our facility at Albert Street, Blyth, Northumbria, NE24 1LZ