The erection of a new two-storey prefabricated temporary unit, comprising of 4 no. general classrooms, toilets and associated site works. (total area c.324m2)

The Employer invites you to tender for the temporary accommodation works, as detailed below.
Description of the works to be tendered for:
The erection of a new two-storey prefabricated temporary unit, comprising of 4 no. general classroom, sanitary facilities and associated site works. (Total area c.324m2)
Form of Contract
The Form of Contract will be:
PW-CF6 Public Works Short form of Contract
Tender Returns
The latest time and date for the return of Tenders is: 12:00 pm, 31st May 2021
Tender Submission
Tenderers are required to read the Suitability Declaration Form carefully and to make sure that they meet the minimum standards stated therein. Tenderers who do not meet those requirements should not submit a tender as they will be excluded at the award stage. All Tenderers are liable for their own costs of tendering.
Tenders must be submitted via the electronic post-box available on quoting the project reference RFT ID.
Only Tenders submitted to the e-tender electronic post-box will be accepted.
Tenders must be submitted in 2 separate online ‘envelopes’ / folders:
• Envelope 1:
Technical Documents:
Completed Suitability Declaration
• Envelope 2:
Quotation Documents:
To contain the completed Form of Tender and Schedule and the completed Pricing Document
Please note that the eTenders electronic post-box facility closes precisely at the stated time.
Candidates must ensure that they give themselves sufficient time to upload and submit all required documentation onto the eTenders post-box facility before the receipt of the tender deadline.
It is the responsibility of the tenderers to use the post-box correctly, which includes taking responsibility for the upload of the documents.
Tenders must be in the format prescribed in the Instruction to Tenderers.
All queries must be submitted via the eTenders query facility only.
All queries must be submitted as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than 10 working days before the latest time for the receipt of Tender, although the Employer may at its discretion respond to queries raised after that date. If the Employer responds to a query, it will send the response to each Tenderer, unless the Tenderer asking the query has clearly designated the query as confidential and the Employer agrees that it should be treated as such.
Basis of Assessment for Award Criteria
The basis of assessment of the Tenders is detailed in the instructions to Tenderers.
Tender Documents
Documents to be included in the Contract:
Volume A: Works Requirements
Volume B: Form of Tender and Schedule
Volume C: Pricing Document
Documents not forming part of the Contract:
This invitation to Tender
Additional Information as referred to in Appendix 3 of the ITT and listed in the Summary of Additional information.
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