The school is a single storey building in a rural setting. There are a total 12
classrooms, SET rooms, a GP Hall, circulation and admin areas. There is no coherent
Fire Alarm or Emergency Lighting, hence it is proposed to upgrade these systems
as part of the summer works programme.
The scope of the works will be as follows:
• Decommissioning, stripping out and removal from site of any existing Fire
Alarm and Emergeny Lighting fittings and fixtures.
• Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new Fire Alarm System
• Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new Emergency Lighting
• See drawings for areas where these works are to be carried out.
• All associated electrical works for the project.
• All builders’ works associated with the above.
• Rubbish removal from site during the duration of the contract.
• Cleaning of the School upon completion of the works (vacuum cleaning,
dusting, floor polishing)
• All other items as indicated in drawings and detailed in specifications.
The Contractor shall contact the School directly to arrange an appropriate
appointment to visit the site during the tender period.