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Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisation – O’Connell Street (Phase 1)

The proposed works provide for the redistribution of space on O’Connell Street from Denmark Street to Cecil Street, between various modes of transport and the public realm. There are currently two southbound traffic lanes on O’Connell Street between Denmark Street and Cecil Street. Kerbside activities are provided for along both sides of the street, including parking, disabled parking, taxi ranks, loading bays and bus stops. General parking occupies the majority of this space along the full length of the street.
The project will reduce the width of traffic lanes between Denmark Street and Cecil Street to a maximum of 3.0m and convert one lane to a bus lane between William Street and Cecil Street. Parking and other kerbside vehicular uses will be relocated. This space will be adapted to provide wider footpaths, a northbound cycle lane, and additional public realm areas to include street furniture such as seating areas, trees, planting, bicycle stands, lighting, and water installations, all of which will contribute to the sense of place and make O’Connell Street a destination in and of itself as well as a transport link in the city centre.

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