The purpose of this tender is to obtain a fixed rate price and illustrated layouts for the supply and installation of new playground equipment and where applicable safety surfacing and other features. Please utilise the Key Considerations for New Play Areas outlined within this document, to aid the design choices.
To aid the Contractor with planning, enabling and installation, an allowance of up to 16 weeks has been allocated for this contract.
The maximum budget of £110,000 (exclusive of VAT) is available and this is to include all design work, removals and disposals, safety surfacing, new equipment and installation.
Melin Mynach
Before tendering bidders are advised to visit the site to ascertain all relevant conditions and means of access and to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the extent and nature of the project.
An itemised quotation is required to identify all costs together with a 3D illustrated layout. The detail of the design choices are to be reflected within the responses to the method statement questions.
Provision of a new playground with play equipment for a variety of users and abilities for the age range 4 -14 years.
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