University of Limerick’s Department of Biological Sciences in the School of Natural Sciences requests the supply of a small-particle-detecting flow cytometer for research use. The principal purpose of the instrument is to be able to perform analysis of extremely small particles, such as bacteria, viruses, microvesicles, protein aggregates and nanoparticles in complex food matrices such as dairy liquids (milk, wheys) and dairy semi-solids (process intermediates/concentrates/evaporated milks/whey protein concentrates) and solid products (cheeses/yogurts/infant milk formula powders), alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and environmental samples. In addition to this, the cytometer must have a data acquisition system and appropriate data analysis software to record and store all test data and be connected to its own supplied dedicated computer which must have sufficient data storage capacity, data analytical and graphics compatible with the cytometer and enable both cytometer and computer systems to rapidly store and communicate data and generate user reports.