The Contracting Authority proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a single party framework agreement for the supply of Wi-Fi hardware, software and associated services.

The purpose of this section is to outline the requirements for a unified wireless networking solution for WWETB. This solution will incorporate wireless access points of varying degrees of capability, switches (PoE/non PoE) and a software-based controller to provide a central management point. The software controller should be capable of adopting switches and access points from the local network without the need for individual device configuration, i.e.,

It should be possible to unbox a new switch or access point, connect it to the local network, login to the controller and add the device from there, there should be no requirement to log into switches or access points individually to configure anything.

The software controller should be accessible from anywhere and provide centralised configuration, management and reporting functions for each component. As an example, the controller should be capable of switch management (e.g., port configuration, VLAN creation and assignment), access point management (e.g., creating and editing of SSID’s, assignment of radios to AP’s) and full granular reporting features (e.g., bandwidth usage, detailed user usage data, switch throughput, top destinations, top sources).

In the context of a single-party framework agreement, the successful framework member does not have to compete for each new contract. It is emphasised that a framework agreement constitutes no guarantee to purchase a specific quantity of supplies or services from a particular economic operator.