There is a severe dry rot infestation in the gable end of the GP hall wall. A fungal infestation is visible at floor level and extends into the wall and concrete floor. Works must include removal of dry rot, repairs to the internal wall, external plastering and addressing of roof copings which are leaking. The floor slab must be lifted removal of infected hardcore and reinstatement of same with the same operation to take place on internal and return walls.

Re: Invitation to Tender for Consultancy Services for GP Hall project at Portlaw school
Roll Number 19970P
A Dhaoine Uaisle
On behalf of the School Authority (the Contracting Authority for this project) you are hereby invited to tender for Building Services (Mechanical & Electrical)] services (including buying in of additional services for other disciplines as required) for the above project. 
The project consists of addressing a dry rot infestation in the wall and floor of the GP Hall. The works require roofing work as well as treating the walls and beams of the ceiling. The DES have also requested the following
Their Consultant should be advised to incorporate Background Ventilation As Per Part-F Ventilation (2019) of the Building regulations and comply with Table  4: i.e. Basic ventilation provision using background ventilators and specific provision for extract and purge ventilation;  General ventilation for an Occupiable Room is as follows;
             Minimum equivalent area of background ventilator (mm2) 
             Occupiable room background ventilation requirement are as follows;
Budget Approx €130,000 inclu VAT
The Form of Contract will be the Standard Conditions of Engagement for Consultancy Services (Technical COE1) including the Template Schedule A and B, available at ( under School Design > Appointment of Consultants > Small Works and Small Devolved Projects.  The scope of service is detailed in the tender documents and in Design Team Procedures for Small Works (TGD 007) available at (
The address to which tenders must be returned and the date and time before which tenders must be received are stated in the Contract Notice.  Tenders sent to any other address, or received after the specified date and time, will be deemed invalid tenders.  Unsigned tenders/tender proposal forms will likewise be deemed invalid tenders.  The signature for the Form of Tender/Tender Proposal Form must be that of a Principal or Director of the firm.  Tenders must be in the format prescribed in the Form of Tender/Tender Proposal Form and all required documents must be submitted.
Tenders may be submitted by hand, by registered post or by e-mail.  Tenders submitted by e-mail must include all attachments in PDF format, signed and scanned.  The onus is on the sender to obtain proof of delivery of any tender unless sent by registered post or recorded delivery.
All queries in relation to this tender competition must be submitted (and will be answered) through the e-Tenders website.  All queries must be submitted as soon as possible and in any event not later than 5 working days before the latest time for receipt of tenders, although the Contracting Authority may at its discretion respond to queries raised after that date.  If the Contracting Authority responds to a query, it will send the response to each Candidate unless the Candidate raising the query has clearly designated the query as confidential and the Contracting Authority agrees that it should be treated as confidential.
Tenders will be assessed in accordance with Guidance on Procuring Consultants for Small Works, 3rd Edition April 2016.
Candidates may visit the site by prior arrangement with the School Authorities.
Is mise, le meas
Brian Barron
Portlaw NS
Co. Waterford
(on behalf of the School Authority)