The Department of Health & Social Care has set up the Test & Trace Programme to address the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of the Test and Trace programme is: • Saving Lives (rapid testing for anyone with symptoms)• Protecting the vulnerable (screening of selected cohorts)• Containment (Integral part of NHS Test and Trace) • Getting UK back to work (testing available for all symptomatic citizens)• Understanding prevalence (survey delivery) As part of the Mass Testing programme, the Test & Trace Programme produces PCR and LAMP test kits. Currently, these diagnostic test kits are produced in a largely manual fashion. The Test & Trace programme is seeking to establish a fully automated capability to produce diagnostic test-kits at large scale, in order to:• Establish a lasting legacy to better prepare the UK for future pandemic events when they occur, and to repurpose the testing system for non-pandemic tests such as genetic sequencing, cancer diagnostics, STDs and other respiratory diseases;• Improve quality of test kit production;• Achieve a Maximum Capacity of 500,000 tests / day, of the four variants of Covid-19 test kits specified in the System Requirements Documents (SRD)to meet predicted test demand;• Increase responsiveness to fluctuating demand, with the ability to quickly increase or decrease volumes in line with rapidly changing demand for Covid tests;• Produce test kits for the four PCR test kits variants that make 99% of the demand, and to be able to accommodate planned / possible future kit without major redesign;• Reduce the cost of producing test kits for the tax payer;We are seeking a supplier to design, deliver, install and commission this Automated Kitting Equipment, and to provide DHSC operator training and ongoing equipment support. DHSC are now advising the market of our intention to procure these goods. This Procurement will establish a single Contract for the purchase of Kitting Automation Equipment.