This is an Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Bridgend Railway Station Feasibility Study to Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC).
An overview of the requirement is as follows:
BCBC is looking for a consultant to provide a detailed Bridgend Railway Station Feasibility Study, which is to include:
This commission is to appointment a multi-disciplinary consultant team who will also undertake the necessary stakeholder engagement with and work with a working group that constitutes a multi-stakeholder group to plan, manage, guide, oversee and deliver the feasibility stage and project development and delivery.
All projects in the preferred option will need to be analysed to determine the viability of each identified project and focus on projects to take forward to delivery stage, ensuring projects are legally and technically feasible, as well as economically justifiable and worth further investment.
The feasibility study will determine which projects within the preferred option should be pursued into larger capital projects and to make a case to the capital programme for funding. Conducting this feasibility work ahead of making any significant capital bids will enable great accuracy in understanding project requirements, programme and cost.
The feasibility work will enable BCBC and partner organisations to focus on priority projects within the preferred option in preparation of capital bids, enabling greater accuracy in understanding project requirements, programme and costs.
The authority’s corporate priority is to invest in our town centres to enhance existing facilities and provide new facilities. This includes lobbying for further transformational projects internally and externally within the authority. In order to do that, we need to have the backing of a feasibility exercise.
The detail of the scope of work is described in Appendix 1 – Specification (Project Brief).
See Tender Documents.
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